P.V.C Granuals

Our compounding plant provides us better control on quality. Our current capacity is 1400MT/month.With our new expansion we will reach 2400MT/month very soon.
Since we are the biggest user of it already in K.S.A,which explain how superior & Well experienced our PVC formulas are.
50% of our total PVC Compound Production is sold out PVC compound (Rigid and flexible application both) for almost all the application which are exiting in almost whole the middle east countries.
Compounding PVC essentially involve adding additives to base PVC resin additives to allow it to be processed into finish product with desired properties.


Al Ayed product contain high quality stabilizer importing from top European companies which allow our product to be use n wide range of temperature (0-60C) Due to use of good quality stabilizer our product gives a longer services life. As our stabilizers are food grade that why our product guaranteed to be used in food application also.


We use god quality food grade DOP which is more compatible with less volatty rate with our product. Hardness Range for our Flexible PVC START FROM 70-90 (Shore A) Depending on application and customer's requirement.

IMPACT Strength:

Our product has good impact strength because of using excellent quality impact modifier. Due to good quality impact modifier our product exhibits shock resistance and other resistance against mechanical failure.

UV Stabilizer:

Due to use of excellent quality UV stabilizer our product gives more r4esistence against sun light, UV light and thermal degradation.


Al Ayed product is normally available in seven major colors like Green, Red, Blue, Crystal, Black, White and Yellow, because of our own color machining Facility we can match any color shade according to customers requirement. Our product color dispersion is excellent and color is much stable for much longer life than others. Our colors are prepared from food grade colors.


We use high quality filler. Filler use by us made from lime stone with minimum possible average particle size (micron) which allows our products have god mechanical and physical properties.

Note: Use of filler in limited for some of application only.