About Us

AlAyed Industrial Group founded in 1976, located in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. AlAyed industrial group is a leading industrial and manufacturing group, manufacturing high quality products to meet the requirements of the local and overseas markets.

Ayed Industrial Group includes several factories, AlAyed Hoses Factory, AlAyed factory for PVC compounding, AlAyed Factory for Polyethylene AlAyed Factory for Polypropylene Random AlAyedFactory for Yarn Manufacturing (Polyester Yarn National Factory) and a number of sites of Stone Crushers to produce building materials also the Group has road transport fleet for transporting building materials around the kingdom.

AlAyed Hoses Factory

AlAyed Hoses Factory established in 1983 in the Second Industrial City in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, which considered the first factory to produce all kinds of PVC hoses in GCC countries.

The idea of establishing hoses factory came out of realizing the demand of Saudi market for high quality and standard of hoses at the lowest cost lower than what was imported from overseas countries such as Germany and Italy.

We started our production in 1991 with (45 MT) 170,000 Meters/month, in 2010 our production reached (680 MT) 5,000,000 Meters/month and by the end of 2014 we passed (3200 MT) 14,000,000 Meters/ month of production.

As we exist in Saudi Arabia makes us in challenge to prove our products quality to live as long as possible in the worst condition of high heat and dryness, but our products have passed it very hard which makes it reliable at any other of the world with the evidence of our customers in 16 different countries.

AlAyed Factory for PVC compounding

AlAyed Factory for PVC compounding established in 2007 with production capacity of (300 MT)/Month . The factory specialized in producing all kinds of PVC granules ( soft or rigid ) and as we are at the same time producer and consumer for PVC raw material make it us the best to match the highest level standard of quality.

In 2012 our production capacity reached (750 MT)/Month and now in 2015 our production capacity had reached 3200 MT/Month.

Ayed Factory for Polyethylene

Ayed Factory for Polyethylene pipes was established in early 2008 with a production capacity of 200 MT /month, now in 2015 our production had reached 700 MT/month.

AlAyed Factory for PP Random

AlAyed Factory for PP Random is specialized in producing all sizes of thermal pipes in accordance with European and international standards In early 2010 the factory started its production with production capacity 200 MT/ Month. Now in 2015 our production capacity for PPR pipes and fittings is 580 MT/Month.

AlAyed Factory for Polyester Yarn

AlAyed Factory for Polyester Yarn (Polyester Yarn National Factory) is specialized in producing all types of industrial and texturizing yarn such as (70, 150, 300 Denier) with tensile strength and with the latest German technical production lines and under the supervision of highly professional technicians and quality control, NYPF factory is considered the first factory in the middle east that produces all types of the yarn (industrial & texturizing) with all production stages including transformative stages such as drewing, dying and mixing which explain the level of value NYPF has against its regional competitors as the only local producer in Saudi Arabia.